Project Sponsorships

Since 2007, the Association for Endangered Languages has been offering so-called project sponsorships in addition to the regular annual grants. These project sponsorships raise additional donations specifically for selected projects. Potential donors are thus provided the opportunity to act as sponsors for a specific project which appeals to them personally.

In particular, projects will be supported that cannot be carried out without additional funding because of the low commercial significance of the respective language, e.g., book translations, text editions, dictionaries, teaching materials, or multimedia resources. The amount of money applied for typically should not exceed 2,000 Euros. Applications for a GBS project sponsorship can be submitted to the executive committee at any time. Further details on the application procedure can be found in the call for project sponsorship proposals. Please also consider our recommendations for archiving language data.

The copyright for the project descriptions and reports published below lies with the respective authors.

Past Project Sponsorships

Sponsorship Awardee Downloads
Printing the first Palu’e-Indonesian dictionary Stefan Danerek Call for Donations (PDF) Call for Donations (extended version) (PDF)Report (PDF)
A School Library for Raunsepna Henrike Frye Project Description (PDF)
The Yan-nhaŋu Atlas and Illustrated Dictionary of the Crocodile Islands Dany Adone, Bentley James und Laurie Baymarrwangga Project Description (PDF) Some Example Pages from the Atlas (PDF) Blog about the Project
Desano Textbook Gilvan Müller de Oliveira und Eva Schlachter Project Description (PDF) Desano Textbook (PDF)